Global settings

A number of environment variables can be set to control the behaviour of mGstat. The environment variable can be set in the operating system, or directly through Matlab using:



The amount of information printed to the screen when using mGstat can be controlled by the setting the MGSTAT_VERBOSE_LEVEL. By default it is set to


A higher number increase, while a smaller number reduce the information printed to screen.


There are different definitions of semivariogram models. To make use of the definions used by GSTAT and S-GeMS (and GSLIB) set the following:


The default is to use SGeMS definitions. See also “Modeling spatial correlation”.


The installation directory of S-GeMS can be given by the variable: GSTLAPPLIHOME This is used to find the executable file for launching S-GeMS.


If you are using the development version of S-GeMS you should set this variable to 1:


The default option is to you the stable version of S-GeMS, and then this variable does not have to be set.

Note that mGstat may not yet support the latest development version of S-GeMS, so it is not recommended to use the development version for normal users.