Chapter 1. Installation

Table of Contents

System Requirements
mGstat from SVN
Global settings


The latest version of mGstat is available from

Unpacking the downloaded file as

cd /home/tmh/matlab
tar xvfz mgstat-0.99.tgz

will create a directory structure called 'mGstat'. To use the toolbox from Matlab, simply add the path where mGstat is installed to the Matlab path as

>> addpath /home/tmh/matlab/mGstat
>> addpath /home/tmh/matlab/mGstat/visim
>> addpath /home/tmh/matlab/mGstat/snesim
>> addpath /home/tmh/matlab/mGstat/sgems
>> addpath /home/tmh/matlab/mGstat/misc
>> addpath /home/tmh/matlab/mGstat/fast

The above paths can also be set running “mgstat_set_path”.

See the Matlab documentation for instructions on how to permanently add the paths to the mGstat toolbox. In Windows this can be done using the pathtool

System Requirements

mGstat is implemented using Matlab R2009b.

An effort has been made to ensure that the toolbox works with Octave version 3.2.4 (download). Octave is a free alternative to Matlab. Note however that Matlab is the main tool for development.

mGstat should work on any operating system running Matlab or Octave. However, interfaces GSTAT (GSTAT from Matlab), S-GeMS (S-GeMS - The Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software), VISIM (VISIM - Direct and Gaussian sequential simulation), SNESIM (SNESIM - Single Normal Equation SIMulation), and nfd (“FAST/nfd functions”), rely on the compilation of the related software on a specific operating system.

mGstat from SVN

The latest development version of mGstat can be obtain from an SVN (Subversion) repository, which can be checked out using the following command:

svn co mgstat

The repository can also be browsed at SourceForge.